How to Manage Your Inner State for High Performance Webinar

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dean Anderson

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How can you perform consistently at your peak, even in critical, stressful situations?

How can you express your Best Self in everything you do?

Staying Centered-1The key is simple – learn to manage your mind to get into the “flow” or “zone.” The problem is that this is the most elusive state of mind there is, and very few people know how to achieve this state consistently.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the essence of self-management, including the underlying principles about how the mind works, the fundamental process for managing your mind, and the key techniques you can apply in any situation.

Develop your ability to manage your mind and watch your performance skyrocket in all aspects of your life, your stress levels reduce to nil, and your joy and fulfillment blossom.


Key Takeaways:

  • A pragmatic self-management process that you can apply in any situation
  • How to regain center and focus under stress and challenge
  • The fundamental skill to further your self-development