Leading the Human Dynamics of Change

People do not resist change; they resist change that is poorly led. They resist change that they perceive is thrust upon them, will lead to a bad outcome, or is poorly designed and will overwhelm their workload capacity.

Learn how to turn this kind of resistance into commitment by designing changes around human dynamics to meet people’s six core needs.

Outcomes of Learning the Human Dynamics of Change

Achieve Extraordinary Results from Change, Faster and at Less Cost

This program will show you how to grow commitment in your stakeholders through each phase of change. By the time implementation is done, you will have your end users ensuring the new state delivers all the results you intended from the beginning.

You will come away with a new perspective on people and change, and will acquire strategies, skills and tools to navigate even the most complex human dynamics. You will become able to consciously and purposefully plot a path to resolving people’s core needs, supporting them through natural emotional transitions, and transforming their resistance into full-scale commitment.

The net outcome is that the change efforts you lead or support will deliver superior results, faster and at less cost to your people and organization. Your skill as a change leader or consultant will increase significantly once you understand these human dynamics.


  • Two days
  • In-house


This program is designed for change leaders, managers and change teams seeking ways to successfully navigate human dynamics and unleash people’s performance for breakthrough change results.

It is especially useful for mid-managers who are charged with getting their people to understand, buy-in and master change on the ground.