Leadership Training and Development

We do not deliver traditional leadership training.

Leadership TrainingWe go deeper, and broader. We provide cutting edge methods and tools, along with developing new mindsets and behavior to use those methods and skills in optimal ways. We set a meaningful context of pursuing breakthrough, and focus everything we offer to achieve that back on the job. All of our programs use your actual change initiatives and leadership challenges for immediate application of the learning, so you get real work done while real learning is taking place. And we guarantee our impact.

All of our training and development programs and services are integrated into our overall System of Transformation, and can be delivered stand-alone or as a larger integrated development strategy. Either way, you will see immediate on-the-job results.

Leadership Training Room

Our programs focus in two areas:

  • Human Development and Performance: developing leaders from within so they can manage and develop their inner state of mind, perform optimally, solve their organization’s most critical challenges, and lead transformation successfully
  • Change Leadership / Consultant Development: developing executives, leaders, and change consultants to successfully design and implement enterprise-wide transformation and individual change initiatives to deliver breakthrough business and cultural results

Change Leadership Training and Development


Leadership Training Group

We can integrate any of these project-applied trainings with ongoing coaching, Learning Clinics, Communities of Practice, and Strategic Change Centers of Excellence.

Learning Clinics

We can conduct ongoing Learning Clinics to your training graduates of any of our programs to further their development and their deepen application to their leadership and change leadership challenges.

Communities of Practice

We can help you establish robust Communities of Practice to build best practices, promote peer-to-peer learning, deepen relationships, provide personal and professional support, and create a vibrant network of early adopters of these advanced methods.

Strategic Change Center of Excellence

Leadership Training Team

Who is in charge of aligning and developing all of your organization’s change support resources? If your answer is nobody, you likely have a large herd of smart cats with big egos doing their own thing. Centers of Excellence are not new, but establishing one with the mission of consciously overseeing strategic change approaches, tools, and competencies is a high-gain investment. We can show you how to develop and use a Strategic Change Center of Excellence to align, optimize, and strengthen change leadership capability at all levels of leadership.

Give us a call to discuss how you can get the most out of taking this strategic approach to training and development for leaders and change leaders alike.