Leadership Mastery Curriculum

Generate Breakthrough with Your Executive Team

Imagine your executive team being the absolute best it can possibly be, where each member:

  • Is flexible in their mindset, and easily generates new perspectives and creative ideas that are not just how they’ve always done it in the past
  • Truly listens to each other and subordinates, seeking to be influenced so more solutions get generated
  • Supports the others and shares a mutual trust and respect
  • Speaks openly and freely, discussing ideas “in the room,” handling differences and conflict of opinion in wholesome ways that sustain their trusting relationships
  • Is aligned, heading in, and supporting a common direction
  • Has personal presence and are relational in their interactions, drawing people to them and fostering commitment with their sincerity and human touch
  • Thinks big, across functional, hierarchical and customer-supplier boundaries, seeing connections and inter-dependencies that produce innovative solutions
  • Sees long term, beyond the quarterly performance, into the future with clarity that enables them to spot trends and stay ahead of their competitors

What would it take for your executive team to breakthrough to this way of being, working and relating, so it was sustainable and natural to who they are? Imagine the value it would generate for your organization, the impact it would have on your strategy development and execution, culture, employee morale, stock price.

Robert Kegan, author, developmental psychologist and Harvard professor, says that “80% of leaders are ‘in over their heads.'” Meaning, that the complexity of the world they face is greater than their cognitive and emotional ability to hold, sort, make meaning, and navigate to optimal solutions. They cannot see the order – the path – through the chaos.

Develop Your Team of Executives Vertically

The solution is to develop leaders “vertically,” to raise their awareness so they can see larger perspectives. This program does that. In fact, we believe Leadership Mastery to be the world’s most advanced vertical development program for executives. We cannot prove that yet, but we’re working on it.
We offer this program to executive teams once they have completed the Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change process. We customize the program to fit the exact needs of the team, drawing from our complete System of Transformation, always integrating methods and practices for:

  • Self Mastery
  • Relationship Mastery
  • Team Mastery
  • Organization Mastery
  • Leading Organization Transformation

This program is only for executive teams who are fully committed to transformation, and achieving breakthrough in themselves, their relationships, their team, their organization, their industry and the world. It is a big commitment that generates extraordinary value. From our perspective, the single most important thing an organization can do to ensure its long term success is to develop its executives “vertically.”

Give us a call if you’d like to explore this further.