Transform Your Organization and Culture

Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

You can attempt to lead organizational transformation in the same old way, but you will get the same old results. You’ve likely heard this before: research shows that over two-thirds of organizational change efforts fail to deliver their intended ROI. And this is at a time when change and project management has risen to the foreground of most leader’s minds. Clearly, change and project management are insufficient. Useful, but incomplete.

Transforming your organization and culture requires a broader perspective – attention to variables and dynamics most leaders overlook. Most focus on the Systems quadrant (see graphic), which includes strategy, structure, systems, business processes, products / services, and technology.

They focus on getting the right design solution, and neglect, under-attend, or minimize the work required to transform mindset, behavior and culture. And that is the dreaded – and certain – path to failure.

An Advanced Approach

Change Leader Accountability Model
The four quadrants all work together. If you try to make major change in any one, the status quo of the other three resist the change and pull it back, rendering it unsustainable. All four quadrants must evolve together.

The problem is very few leaders have the big perspective or change leadership know-how to design and implement a change process that addresses all four quadrants in an integrated, organized, and structured way, WHILE allowing for, and being able to navigate, the non-linear nature of transformation.

At Being First, we have the perspective, and the skills, and the methodology. And we’ve been teaching and applying this approach successfully to achieve organizational transformation for over three decades. We call it Conscious Change Leadership.

Five Keys to Success

These are the five pillars upon which our clients build their successful approaches to cultural and organizational transformation:

Take a Strategic Approach: Tie the organization’s transformation directly to your business strategy and winning in the marketplace, and make your executives responsible for its success.

Take a Process Approach: Consciously design your change process so it address all four quadrants adequately, then constantly learn and course correct your implementation as new information arises.

Take a Conscious Approach: “Vertically” develop your leaders so they can see their mindsets in action, and make this development part of your change process; expand your leader’s perspectives and worldviews as needed so they can successfully address the complexity they face.

Take a Co-Creative Approach: Engage your people early so they commit, and give them power in the change effort to add real value so they will own it.

Take a Partnership Approach: We provide the know-how to develop your leaders so they can customize our Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to consciously design and implement transformation that sticks; you provide the know-how about your industry, organization, people, and the content of your change, then exercise all decision-making. It’s a marriage made in heaven!


Always customized, here’s a short list of critical strategies we always use to ensure successful organization transformation:

  1. Establish clear initial desired business and cultural outcomes and align your executives to them.
  2. Engage senior leadership in the Leadership Breakthrough Program to catalyze breakthroughs in their individual leadership, team performance, and ability to lead your organization’s transformation.
  3. Assess your organization to identify its current culture and degree of readiness for change.Strategy for Enterprise Transformation
  4. Develop a robust Change Strategy to include:
    1. Clear change governance and how the change will interface with the ongoing business for resources, decisions, and inevitable course corrections
    2. Identification of all initiatives and sub-initiatives required, and how they will integrate with each other, other initiatives within the organization, and ongoing operations
    3. Build a solid Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Strategy
    4. Clarify the Values and Guiding Principles to drive the change to ensure the change process models the desired culture, not the old culture (this is a revolutionary concept, but oh so obvious).
    5. Identify Timeline and Resource requirements
  5. Engage the organization in your vision, case for change and change strategy execution
  6. Cascade the Leadership Breakthrough Program to other leaders and teams as required by your desired outcomes, scope and scale of change
  7. Develop change leadership capability: deliver The Change Leader’s Roadmap Navigator School and / or 4Sight to the change process leader(s) and project teams so they know how to apply the CLR Methodology to their projects.
  8. Launch necessary Change Project Teams for key initiatives.
  9. Engage stakeholders in local and enterprise changes.
  10. Establish structure, process and rhythm for supporting the change leaders and teams with the necessary advice and methods as they make critical change decisions.
  11. Establish monitoring mechanisms to enable necessary course corrections and ensure we are on track to deliver breakthrough results with your organizational transformation.


Integrating Culture Change
in Project Scope, Design and Roll-Out


We will partner with you to draw from and customize The Being First System of Transformation as required for your success, depending on the actual scope and scale of your change project:


  • Change Leadership
  • Change Consulting
  • Self Development
  • CLR Methodology Application


  • Culture Assessment
  • Leadership Team Assessment
  • Change Leader Assessment
  • Change Check Project Assessment
  • Change Sponsor Assessment

Give us a call to explore how Conscious Change Leadership can ensure your organization’s successful transformation: