4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leader and Consultant Development

4Sight is a direct path to becoming a world-class strategic change leader or consultant able to guide even the most complex organization transformations. Conducted over five months in four, one-week in-person sessions, 4Sight is for those leaders and change professionals who want to develop advanced conscious change leadership skills to become experts in delivering breakthrough results from transformation. Equally, it is a profound personal journey of change and development that could possibly “change your life” as it opens you fully to how to live and lead “consciously.”

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4Sight focuses and integrates two key areas:

  • Organization Transformation: How to plan, design, and implement transformational change that delivers breakthrough business and cultural results with maximum adoption and sustainment
  • Personal Transformation – from the inside out – that delivers profound personal breakthrough in mindset, behavior and performance
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Become a Much Sought-After Strategic Change Leader or Consultant

Industry experts, multinational corporations, worldwide NGOs, government agencies, and intergovernmental military alliances send their best and brightest leaders and consultants to 4Sight to learn how to apply the Being First System of Transformation and The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to deliver breakthrough results from change. You will learn the same, including key aspects of our Body of Work on:

  • Transforming Organization, Culture and Leadership
  • Building Transformational Change Leadership Capability
  • Developing Conscious Leaders and Team
  • Self Mastery
  • Optimal Human Performance
  • Relationship Mastery and Communications
  • Engaging and Energizing People

The “4Sights”

4Sight, as the title of this program, is based on the four essential ways of “seeing” that conscious change leaders develop:

  • Seeing Systems: Seeing inter-dependencies and how parts interact to impact each other and the whole organization
  • Seeing Process: Seeing how actions and events unfold over time to impact each other and results
  • Seeing both Internal and External Dynamics: Seeing how the inner human dynamics of mindset, emotion, and culture impact external results, and vice-versa
  • Seeing Consciously: Being consciously aware of one’s mindset in action, and seeing beyond one’s own perspective to include others

A Truly Profound Development Opportunity

Graduate change leaders continually tell us that they have found no other place to get this depth of training in BOTH personal development / performance and organization / culture transformation. Together, this creates a platform for you to stand in your own elevated personal Presence and Self Mastery, and simultaneously be equipped with the elite skills, methods and resources that can deliver organization and culture transformation.

In the 4Sight program, you will gain a profound understanding of personal, relational, team, and organizational transformation. You will learn about the deeper dynamics of human motivation and performance that will enable you to lead like never before. You will experience breakthroughs in your own mindsets, worldviews, and behavior, and master advanced self-mastery skills that will enable you to continually develop yourself – from the inside out – for the rest of your life and career. You will gain cutting edge methods for achieving breakthrough organizational and cultural results from change, on a consistent basis in your change efforts. You will learn advanced change leadership methods—such as Conscious Process Design and Facilitation, which will enable you to design and implement successful change strategies and plans for even the most complex enterprise transformations in the most resistant of settings. And you will gain profound and practical insights for applying the Being First System of Transformation and The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM) to consistently solve your organizations greatest challenges that will ensure its future success.

The net is straight-forward: 4Sight will help you develop the Personal Presence and advanced skills of conscious change leadership.

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Recognized by the Highest Industry Standard

The 4Sight program is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course that aligns with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices.

The Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) is a globally recognized credential established by ACMP for professionals to demonstrate their commitment to leading the way change works. The CCMP™ was developed based on ACMP’s industry-leading Standard for Change Management® (“The Standard”) that defines best practices in change management.

Graduates of the 4Sight program receive 60 hours of PDUs towards their CCMP™ credentialing.  

The Big Takeaways

You will leave this program:

  • Equipped with a rigor, structure and process to lead the most complex transformations successfully
  • Expertly handling the human dynamics of change
  • Executing optimal change strategies to drive breakthrough business results and culture change
  • More conscious and awake, possessing a larger perspective, and feeling the deep personal satisfaction of transforming a core personal limitation, resulting in more connection to your Self, your work, your family, others, and your life purpose

Personal Breakthroughs

  • Generate personal breakthroughs in your awareness, mindset, emotional patterns, behavior, and skill in ways you never thought possible
  • Develop a powerful capacity to manage your inner state and self-generate the “flow state” that delivers optimal performance and enables you to remain centered, focused and creative in the face of chaos as a change leader
  • Gain advanced self-mastery skills and become able to re-program your mind, body and emotions to alter behavior and elevate performance
  • Learn the universal personal change process that underlies all approaches to self-development so you can apply it to any and all desired personal changes
  • Learn Vertical Development and Stages of Adult Ego Development, and their profound influence on change leadership success and failure, including your own
  • Expand your mindset and adopt new perspectives that enable you to see and navigate the human and process dynamics of transformation that 90% of people miss; this enables you to see solutions to your most complex challenges and accurately identify the critical leverage points for successful change
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Organizational Breakthroughs

  • Learn how to catalyze transformation in individual mindset and behavior, and organizational culture and systems
  • Profoundly deepen your understanding of people, their motivations, worldviews and behavioral styles, so you can lead and consult with greater impact
  • Become highly competent in the CLR Methodology, and learn advanced skills for using it to design and implement any transformational change process
  • Learn how to ensure maximum results, adoption and sustainment from any change
  • Develop advanced skills for reducing resistance, building commitment, and promoting high engagement of staff early in the change process
  • Learn the Breakthrough Consulting Process: how to individually, or with your team, generate profound insights to your most pressing and unsolvable problems or challenges
  • Learn Conscious Process Thinking, a highly advanced skill that will enable you to design and implement any and all complex change efforts for maximum results, adoption and sustainment
  • Learn how to get and sustain executive alignment to change


  • Pre-session interview and personal assessments
  • Four, one-week, in-person sessions over five months
  • Project work, coaching, reading, and learning clinics between sessions (all manageable within your existing workload)
  • Personal self and relationship mastery practices between each session
  • The entire 4Sight development process is experiential and case applied—you are constantly working on your own change project, personal development, and change leadership style

In-House or Public Programs

We deliver 4Sight annually in a public program setting in Durango, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Register here for the 4Sight Program.

Register for the 4Sight Program

The Benefits of Being a 4Sight Alumni

  • Inclusion in the 4Sight Community of Practice, a stellar group of top notch conscious change consultants and leaders from around the world: contribute to them, learn from them, and expand your worldwide network of highly competent resources, colleagues, and friends
  • Annual Alumni Breakthrough Retreats to further your Conscious Change Leadership Development, re-unite with friends, meet new colleagues, and co-create best practices to share
  • Access to the private 4Sight Discussion Group of all cohorts to share best practices and generate ongoing peer-to-peer learning
  • Potential to get certified to deliver Being First training and development programs, including Leadership Breakthrough, The CLR Navigator’s School, Executive Change Lab, and Leading the Human Dynamics of Change
  • My Choice Fees: As a graduate of 4Sight, you get one year of free access to the online CLRM. After that, we put the power of price in your hands. You choose your CLRM subscription rate based on your use and the value to you, your organization or clients. Our published retail annual subscription to the CLRM is $975, but you can pay more or less, however you wish. We call this My Choice Fees. We hope you like it

Intrigued by the possibility of developing this level of conscious change leadership skill and Presence in yourself or your organization? Please give us a call. We love talking about 4Sight and how it can generate breakthrough for you and your organization.


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