Executive coaching used to carry a stigma, as in, “You’re broken and need fixing.” But now it has become a symbol of status – “You are so valuable that you get a coach to amplify your impact.” For any high achiever who wants to reach the pinnacle of their capability, what a gift to be able to speak openly and confidentially with a conscious, awake, experienced, and knowledgable coach.

In all our coaching, we take a “breakthrough oriented, inside out” approach. We start with helping our clients identify the breakthrough they are after, and then work with them to peel back the layers of their awareness to discover what inside them needs changing to achieve that breakthrough. We work at the level of behavior and skill, but always as part of a deeper inquiry into the transformation of mindset, belief and emotional patterns required to make and sustain the desired behavior change.

Change Methodology Coaching

We provide four different coaching focuses:

  • Executive Coachingpursuing personal breakthroughs in mindset, emotional patterns and leadership behavior as it relates to increasing one’s impact as a leader
  • Strategic Change Coaching for Executives or Consultants: ongoing support in the strategic design and implementation of the complex change efforts they lead or support, balanced with self-awareness and personal development as it relates to their change role
  • Self Development: deep, focused, meaningful support for personal breakthrough and mastery, including applications of all our proven self-mastery practices
  • CLR Methodology Application: supporting CLR application to one’s project, and getting the most from your CLR license

For leaders who choose a deep dive, we offer the Leadership Breakthrough Intensive, three days of focused, direct coaching from two of our senior coaches. This is an amazing experience that generates profound personal change. Many report that it literally changed their lives.

All of our coaches have a minimum of ten, often twenty years of experience. All have done tremendous amounts of personal development themselves, and live their lives consciously with a passion for continued personal development. They walk what they talk, or they don’t work here.

Call us directly to inquire about finding you the best coach, and how we can customize a coaching plan to meet your specific needs: