Our assessments will give you a clear picture of your current reality so you can more effectively navigate to your desired outcomes.

We offer targeted change capacity and leadership assessments that are focused, concise, and easy to use. Each gives you a full report of practical data that will enable you to streamline your efforts for maximum impact.

All of our assessments come in two different service packages: Basic Support and Strategic Support.

With the Basic Support Package, you get access to the online assessment you need, logistical support to help you successfully administer the assessment for change management, and full reports of your data—cross tagged as you need.

Additionally, the Strategic Support Package provides significant consulting support to help you develop your assessment strategy, interpret your data, and strategize follow-up actions to improve your situation. It also includes an Executive Briefing for your leaders to help them understand the data and use it in their planning.

 Change Check™

Change Check™ assesses your project against twenty-four critical success criteria. This reveals exactly where you need to put your efforts and resources to increase your results. This information can lower the cost of your change and accelerate its speed.

Change Readiness and Capacity Assessment™

The Change Readiness and Capacity Assessment reveals your probability of success with your current change effort by providing numerous insights into the state of change in your organization. You discover whether you have key conditions for success in place, get insight about how your change leaders are perceived, and learn whether your stakeholders are able to engage effectively.

Change Sponsor Assessment™

The Change Sponsor Assessment provides tremendous insight for your executive change sponsors. It reveals how they measure against eight key skill areas and responsibilities. This targeted feedback gives your sponsors just what they need to know to improve their effectiveness. It also educates them about what their role really requires. You can use the Change Sponsor Assessment in conjunction with our Sponsoring Transformation training program, which develops these eight skill areas in your executives.

Change Leader Assessment

The Change Leader Assessment provides direct feedback to your individual change leaders regarding their performance in eight key skill areas. Since these are the same skill areas developed in the Leading Transformation training program, you can use this change management assessment in conjunction with this training to further the impact of both.

Leadership Team Assessment

The Leadership Team Assessment can be used to assess the characteristics and performance of any type of team, from executive to lines of business to change teams. Applying 36 questions in twelve categories, it provides significant insight into how any team can up-grade its way of being, working and relating to deliver greater impact.

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