Sponsoring Transformation

“Bless and delegate” sponsorship does not work for transformational change. Leaders must visibly walk the talk of the change. They must super-charge it with clarity, believability, and sustained involvement—not in the details, but in the strategic guidance and course corrections inevitable during the transformational change journey.

This eye-opening session reboots the meaning of true transformational sponsorship as key to creating the conditions for breakthrough.

Outcomes of Sponsoring Transformational Change

Sponsorship that Works

  • Your senior leaders are aligned behind the change’s direction and strategy, and the people effected by the change support its intended outcomes.
  • Your effort is given adequate resources to succeed, and people have freed up enough time and work capacity to effectively make the change happen.
  • Course corrections to your transformational change strategy and plan occur effortlessly, and people pursue what is best for the enterprise rather than their own self-interests.
  • All of the change initiatives in your organization run this smoothly.
  • Less politicking at the executive level, and reduced resistance to providing required support across boundaries


Two days, conducted on or off site.


This program is designed for executives who are or might become sponsors of change in your organization.