Executive Change Lab

Ensure that Your Executive Team Sets Up Your Transformation for Success — Right from the Start.

This hard-hitting executive development session reveals to your Executive Team exactly what is required personally, collectively, and organizationally to succeed at transformation. They assess your current organizational, cultural and human risk factors that could cause your transformation to fail, and then we work the top three to identify the strategies that will guarantee success. This opens their eyes to the real human and cultural requirements of your organization’s transformation, and how to integrate those with the systems and technology needs. It generates insights for breakthrough, and clarifies their critical change leadership roles. They leave re-energized, aligned, and equipped with tangible methods for expressing, modeling, and reinforcing the critical success factors of your major change initiatives.

executive development process

Executive Development Outcomes

Capitalizing on our three decades of advising senior executives and executive development, your leaders will come to agreement about:

  • The type and scope of change occurring in your organization
  • The conditions for success and how to establish them
  • What will work and not work in leading your transformation
  • What is required of them personally and collectively to succeed
  • How they can engage the whole enterprise in your organization’s success
  • How to reduce costs and increase speed using a common change process methodology
  • How to keep your business operating successfully while you change
  • Why transforming mindset and culture is key to success—and how to do it
  • How to manage capacity and minimize negative impact on operations as you transform


  • Two-hour pre-session interview/preparation with your CEO or Executive Sponsor.
  • One-and-a-half days at your location
  • One half-day consult with CEO/Executive Sponsor immediately following.


Exclusively for the executive development of CEOs, Business Unit Presidents, and their Senior Leadership teams.