Catalyze Breakthrough in Leaders and Teams

What to do? You can’t simply replace them. It’s too costly, and, 80% of your prospective new hires will be equally ill-equipped to solve your complex strategic challenges. The only answer is to develop your leaders, not just horizontally, but vertically.

Vertical Leadership Development is the cutting edge of executive development – an approach we have been pioneering for three decades.

Our Approach

Traditional executive development focuses on horizontal development: increasing knowledge, skills and methods all within existing paradigms or worldviews. The problem is that our 21st Century world demands shifts of mindset – more evolved worldviews that provide greater perspective and understanding.

As Einstein so brilliantly said,

We can’t solve the problems from the same level of consciousness that created them.


Our approach – vertical leadership development – develops leaders from the inside out. It expands their awareness, and makes them conscious of their own mindsets, behavior, ways of interpreting situations, styles of engaging and communicating, and making decisions. And it shows them how to change themselves, from within, so their development is meaningful and sustainable.

Like climbing a ladder, this approach gives leaders greater perspective. It enables leaders to rise above the organizational, market and global complexity they face to see the order in it, making connections and perceiving inter-dependencies where others only see chaos. More awake and aware, they are able to make sense of emerging trends before they happen, find innovative solutions to previously un-solvable challenges, and navigate the complexities of transformation to deliver sustainable breakthroughs for their organizations.

Being First offers leader and team development that is truly extraordinary – three proven programs that develop leaders vertically, all integrated into our larger System of Transformation, and based on the same proven Approach we have refined over three plus decades of pioneering this field of study:

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