We are a small in size, big in impact, cutting edge consulting, training and publishing firm. For over thirty years, we have had one focus—transformation that delivers breakthroughs in leaders, teams, organizations, and society.

When leaders identify breakthrough business and cultural outcomes they want to achieve, we step in with an integrated System of Transformation that includes consulting, training, change methodology, coaching, and assessments to deliver those desired outcomes.

We aren’t your typical consulting firm. Since our beginning, our primary business strategy has been to walk our own talk—to learn, grow, transform, and breakthrough to ever-increasing heights in who we are as people and what we can do as professionals. We strive every day to become models of the best humans can become, while delivering the most innovative and impactful transformational solutions. While we don’t always achieve these goals, they are forever our intent and practice.

We are real people, humble and caring, friendly and fun, committed to making a difference in the world.

Meet Our Team

“There is nobody more qualified to teach organizational transformation to beginners as well as seasoned professionals.”
Rayona Sharpnack, Founder & CEO, Institute for Women’s Leadership


Achieving Breakthrough Results takes a multi-pronged approach. Here’s a big picture view of how we do it:

  • We partner with you to identify your organizational breakthrough, then establish clear transformational goals for your leadership, culture and business.
  • We assess your organization as needed to generate alignment among your leaders about your current state, including both conditions for ongoing success and barriers that need removing.
  • We partner to develop your transformational strategy, and then determine which aspects of our integrated System of Transformation (consulting, training, change methodology, coaching, and assessments) (link) are required to execute it and achieve your breakthrough.
  • We catalyze breakthrough and “vertical development” in your top leaders and teams’ mindsets and behavior so they can effectively deal with the complexity, chaos and speed of change you face, and become more effective models and sponsors of transformation.
  • We develop your key change initiative teams – catalyze breakthrough in their mindsets and behavior, build their change leadership skills, and provide them The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology and Tools – so each of your change efforts deliver maximum ROI.
  • We provide ongoing strategic change consulting and coaching for both your executives and change leaders – as needed – to ensure your transformation strategy is executed optimally.
  • We teach your leaders what we know and we apply that knowledge together. It’s a counter-intuitive business model, but our goal is to build your organization’s change capability so that you no longer need us.
  • We sustain momentum until you achieve your breakthrough – you, by holding your leaders accountable for achieving your breakthrough goals; we, by ensuring every aspect of our services supports your breakthrough.


Our Purpose:

To create positive change in the world by advancing the conscious evolution of humankind.

Our Mission:

To catalyze transformation in people, organizations, and the world that deliver sustainable breakthrough.

We achieve our mission by:
  • Developing conscious leaders and teams

  • Transforming organizations and culture

  • Building transformational change capability

Our Service:

To guide transformation by providing an integrated System of Transformation that includes consulting, vertical leadership development, coaching, assessments, and transformational change methodology.

Our Way of Working:

We walk our own talk. And if we occasionally don’t, we take responsibility, learn and grow.

We work in partnership. Everything we do is customized to our client’s needs.

We co-create. We listen generously, and share our advice with an open mind and heart, knowing that in the collaboration the optimal outcome will occur.

Our Core Beliefs:

Human excellence is always sourced from within; optimal performance begins on the inside.

Life is a continual process of change, and consciously designing and facilitating transformational change is the foundation of great leadership.

People working together – co-creatively – can produce the most optimal, sustainable solutions to our most complex challenges, be they organizational, social, or environmental.

The intentional, conscious evolution of one’s self – from the inside out – is the foundation of a life that works, a society that thrives, and a sustainable world.