Build Change Leadership Capability

Why Change Leadership Capability?

Large scale organizational change is costly, often pushing $50 to $100 million dollars or more. Failure is a huge waste of capital resources, but the real expense is the lost opportunity the change effort was meant to capture, along with the loss of change leadership credibility and the morale of the workforce.

Imagine all of your change efforts landing successfully – consistently delivering their desired ROI, completing on time and on budget, generating workforce commitment rather than resistance, and capturing the opportunities they are intended to produce.

Building such change leadership capability in your organization is the biggest competitive advantage you can establish. It is the engine that will enable you to get ahead of your competitors and lead your industry, and establish your organization as a magnet for top talent. Superstars want to work in cutting edge organizations who can consistently change, innovate and lead into the future.

Our Approach

For over thirty-five years, we have been building world-class change leadership capability in our clients. Here are the key aspects of how we do it:

  • Developmental Curriculum: We offer a suite of training programs that enables clients to build different levels of skills in different stakeholder groups.
  • Case Applied: All classroom work is applied to existing change projects so participant’s learning immediately produces positive outcomes for the organization.
  • Tailored to Stakeholders: We provide specific change leadership development for all key stakeholder groups:
    1. C-suite executives (Executive Change Lab, Sponsoring Transformation)
    2. Change project leaders and their teams, and change management and organization development professionals (Change Leader’s Roadmap Navigator School)
    3. Super-user change practitioners / consultants and line leaders (4Sight) who need the most advanced development possible.
  • Change Leader’s Roadmap Based: All our change leadership capability development is based on the renowned Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology. Many clients license the methodology, which provides online access to strategic guidance for designing change processes that work, and a large suite of change tools to support implementation.
  • Integrated Part of Our System of TransformationOur change leadership capability development is an integrated part of our overall System of Transformation, so these services leverage and support all other change consulting or leadership development work we may do for you.
  • Ongoing Support: We can provide strategic change consulting and change leadership coaching on specific projects or enterprise transformations to support your people’s continued development.

Give us a call to talk about how world-class change leadership capability can create a long-term competitive advantage for your organization.