Leadership Breakthrough Intensive

Profound Transformation Leads to Extraordinary Results

Some leaders are so passionate about their own personal development that they want complete, professional support to dive in head first into a deep exploration of who they are, what their personal limitations and development edges are, and how to breakthrough to realize more of their true capabilities. This takes courage, and a commitment to one’s Self.

Are you this type of leader?

The Leadership Breakthrough Intensive will serve you if you want to:

  • Breakthrough your current mindset and habitual ways of being, working, relating
  • Breakthrough self-limiting patterns stifling advancement and jeopardizing your career
  • Breakthrough to an optimal work-life balance
  • Breakthrough to advance your career to the next level
  • Breakthrough to create greater mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health in your life
  • Breakthrough to revitalize your personal life and/or career
  • Breakthrough to become the leader you know you really are

How It Works

You come to Durango, Colorado, and work for three intense (work hard / play hard) days with two of our senior Breakthrough facilitator / coaches. Yes, two of us, one of you. No cell phones, no internet access. Rather, a complete immersion into your personal exploration of the person you are, the life you are creating, the changes you wish to make in yourself and your life, and mind-blowing progress on the path to those Breakthroughs.

We will explore with you, in a safe, caring, and no-nonsense way:

  • Your values and core beliefs
  • Your ego’s story, and how it enables/stifles your success
  • Your body, and how you treat it (food and exercise)
  • Your self-care and personal development practices (breathing, meditation, time off)
  • Your work-life balance
  • Your communications (speaking authentically; listening generously)
  • Your relationships – business and family
  • Your spiritual life
  • Your service to others

Everything is customized to your exact needs. We don’t have an agenda, no established program, no prescriptive solutions. Rather, this is a profound personal journey, navigated in real time, by you, and guided by two of the most competent coach/facilitators on the planet. You couldn’t give yourself a better present.

The outcome – you, living your Breakthrough Self – more conscious, more awake, more in charge and able to create the personal and professional life you choose, with more positive impact on those you touch than you ever imagined possible.

We’d be honored to speak with you about this work, for yourself, or for those you manage.