Why Culture Change Success is Directly Linked to CEO Behavior

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dean Anderson
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One of the costliest mistakes in leading culture change is for leaders to ask something of the people in their organization and then not do it themselves.

This requires leaders to be willing to look in the mirror and assess their current mindsets, behaviors, and styles to see if they are supporting or inhibiting the changes the organization needs to make. It requires them to recognize the stylistic factors that their future state requires of them and their stakeholders.

One of the greatest catalysts for culture change…

is people witnessing executives changing and behaving in ways that are directly congruent with the desired future state, and very different from the old ways. When a CEO models new behaviors for success, you create a safe environment that inspires managers and employees to change. Stakeholders look to you for the support—and the precedent—to change personally. If they see you changing, they will be much more likely to change.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The most effective strategy and leadership style for successful culture change.
  • How to raise people’s willingness to choose the new direction, minimize resistance and maximize buy-in and commitment.
  • Why fundamental ways of thinking, being, relating to others, and operating are often radically changed when transforming organizational culture.
  • How you can inspire your leaders and stakeholders to change company culture in positive ways.