How to Work with Senior Leaders Who Don’t Get It

As change management professionals, we bring to change a wider, deeper and more inclusive perspective than most senior leaders currently have. We see the need for broader and earlier stakeholder engagement, executive alignment across business lines, two-way communications, conscious process design, clear change governance and roles, and overt management of capacity for change.

This gap between what we know is needed and what executives can “tolerate” creates numerous challenges for us. How do we ensure successful adoption and sustainment of results if our leaders are not setting up the necessary conditions for successful change? What to do?

In this snippet from ACMP Change Management 2017, Dr. Dean Anderson explores strategies for how to become a trusted strategic advisor to senior leaders.

Download the Associated Tools:

“Ten Strategies to Work with Leaders Who Don’t Get It”

This tool provides the full list of ten proven strategies for working with senior leaders who do not fully understand the people or change process dynamics impacting success on change initiatives. They will directly increase your effectiveness with those change leaders.

Ten Strategies to Work with Senior Leaders Who Don’t Get It Tool

“Questions That Educate”

Questions that educate increase a person’s thinking and perspective on an issue. This helps them see what they are currently missing, without you having to always be in “tell mode,” which might reduce their listening to you. Use this worksheet to help leaders and others see what they are missing to make change initiatives more successful.

Questions that Educate Tool