How Leaders Excel with a Breakthrough Mindset

INSTRUCTOR: Andrew Johnson

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Breakthrough is achieved when the barriers to current limitations are busted through in driving towards your Vision.

Not the simple barriers; you’ve already handled all the low-hanging fruit.

The tough ones: complex, entrenched, intertwined, multi-factorial barriers. 

The barriers that can overwhelm you into paralysis, or more insidiously, distraction. But before realizing Breakthrough in the external world, you must focus within.

Such breakthrough can only be conceived and executed through a Breakthrough Mindset. Superpowers are required – real ones.

The ability to peer into a VUCA situation and clearly see interdependencies, causality and impacts. Knowing how to co-create process to navigate skillfully to your Moon Shot. These capabilities define a Breakthrough Mindset.

Coming to inhabit a Breakthrough Mindset is partly acquired and partly uncovered – through the inside door. Mindset work is interior work and starts with a personal journey of breaking through our own fear-clouded performance ceilings. We’ll discuss how we do that.

Key Takeaways:

  • An understanding of mindset – what is is, how it works, and how we can grow into a Breakthrough Mindset
  • What the key features of a Breakthrough Mindset are and how they are developed
  • How co-creating breakthrough in the external world is generated by breakthrough in our internal world

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