How Conscious Change Leadership Enables Visionary Leaders to Solve Strategic Challenges and Achieve Breakthrough Results

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dean Anderson
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Navigating complexity to solve big strategic challenges requires a breakthrough in leadership mindset, behavior and style.

Leaders must break free of traditional thinking because conventional mindsets and approaches to transformation are not sufficient in today’s 21st Century VUCA environment, where volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity reign.

Leaders must transform both their perspectives and the way they lead their people and organization in order to see through these complexities to solve their organization’s biggest challenges and achieve organizational breakthrough.

In this webinar, Dr. Dean Anderson unveils how Conscious Change Leadership develops transformational leaders who are inspired, self-aware, engaged in personal transformation, and equipped with the advanced methodologies to catalyze breakthrough results in their people and organizations.

Watch and learn how this approach enables you to take on new perspectives and overcome barriers to consciously design transformation that delivers enterprise success.

Conscious Change Leadership:

  • Creates world-class transformational leaders
  • Develops your ability to navigate complexity and solve big strategic challenges
  • Promotes maximum innovation and unleashes human potential in others
  • Delivers organizational breakthroughs in performance and results
  • Provides a roadmap for leading organization and culture transformation