Scales of Breakthrough: Personal, Team, Organizational, Communities Webinar

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Dean Anderson
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Achieving breakthrough means busting through current limitations and performance ceilings to reach your vision.

Achieving breakthrough is thrilling, but seldom accomplished.

How can you increase your ability to achieve breakthrough? 


The dynamics of achieving breakthrough are consistent across all levels of scale, from individual to team to organization to community.

Of course, the bigger the scale, the more complex the undertaking. Yet, the human dynamics are similar. The process dynamics are also similar, even though there are far more moving parts as the scale increases.

Understanding these dynamics is a core super power of leadership, yet they are seldom grasped.

In this webinar, Dr. Dean Anderson unpacks one of the great mysteries of leadership – how to lead people, organizations and communities to achieve breakthrough results, far beyond what is currently thought possible.

This is a mind-expanding conversation that will forever change how you think about transformation and breakthrough in large systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase your skills as a transformational leader
  • Learn the consistent human and process dynamics of transforming and achieving breakthrough at all levels of scale
  • Gain insight into how you can facilitate breakthrough in yourself, others and your organization or community